Before Agile

Before Agile #

Managing the Development of Large Software Systems - Dr. Winston W Royce, August 1970
Paper that is often cited as the origin of the waterfall model, while also being very critical of it.

Software Engineering - Barry Boehm, August 1976
Article by Barry Boehm about the current state of the art and of future trends in software engineering. Section “II. Definitions” contains a diagram of the software life cycle that looks like waterfall. The diagram is very similar to Figure 3 in Royce’s 1970 paper, yet Boehm does not cite it.

Unifying Software Engineering and Systems Engineering - Barry Boehm, March 2000
At the start of this article Barry Boehm mentions he “participated in a group at TRW that created a corporate software engineering culture around the sequential requirements-driven waterfall model. […]
We did not realize how effective this culture change was until we tried to undo parts of it a few years later. By the early 1980s, we and other companies realized that the waterfall model was ineffective for developing user-interactive systems, […]"

The Leprechauns of Software Engineering - Laurent Bossavit, 2015
Chapter 7: Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Waterfall? argues that Royce inventing waterfall is a myth.

Waterfall, Royce and Boehm - Laurent Bossavit, November 2017
In this Twitter thread Laurent Bossavit argues that we should read Boehm, not Royce, to understand waterfall.

Agile Converstations - Douglas Squirrel and Jeffrey Fredrick, 2020
Chapter 1: Escaping the Software Factory has a few pages on software development in the nineties.

Getting over the Waterfall, Deconstructing sequential development to better understand more continuous development - Kevlin Henney, August 2021
In this article Kevlin Henney examines the motivation and attraction of sequential development (the waterfall approach) to better understand more agile approaches to software development.