Commentaries #

By one of the authors #

Artisanal Retro-Futurism Team-Scale Anarcho-Syndicalism - Brian Marick, 15-16 June 2009 (audio improves at 3:20 and again at 15:15)
Brian Marick about how the core of Agile has gone missing in the 2000s and what that core is/was.

The Agile Manifesto, Elaborated - Jeff Sutherland, 20 April 2012
Part of “Agile Principles and Values” by Jeff Sutherland. The discrepancy in publishing dates suggests at least one of them is incorrect.

Agile is Dead (Long Live Agility) - Dave Thomas, 4 March 2014
Dave Tomas argues we have lost the word “Agile” and should try to hang on to the word “agility” as a label for doing things in an agile fashion.

Agile Principles and Values - Jeff Sutherland, 28 April 2015
Jeff Sutherland’s commentary on the four Agile values and a section on Agile being an umbrella term, not a methodology. Part of it published as “The Agile Manifesto, Elaborated” with an inconsistent publishing date.

Developers Should Abandon Agile - Ron Jeffries, 10 May 2018
Ron Jeffries advises developers to abandon adherence to any “Agile” method of any kind, since they mostly end up as Faux Agile or Dark Agile. Instead, developers should turn their attention and learing to ways of doing software development that adhere to the foundational principles that support Agile Software Development.

By others #

Agile Ruined My Life - Daniel Markham, 7 September 2010
Daniel Markham shares his views on the problems with Agile coaches and consultants.

The Agile Acid Test - Elisabeth Hendrickson, 14 December 2010
Elisabeth Hendrickson shares her Agile Acid Test to determine if a team really is Agile. It consists of three questions: How Frequently Do You Deliver?, Could You Continue at This Pace Indefinitely? and How Does the Team Handle Change?

The Power in Agile - Sarah Mei, 14 July 2018
Critical examination of how the lack of diversity among the authors of the Agile Manifesto resulted in ignoring power dynamics and what that means for a practice like pair programming

Agile won the war but lost the peace - Allan Kelly, 8 November 2018
Allan Kelly argues that everyone is agile now, but that kind of agile is not living up to the original dream of agile.

The Agile values 20 years later - Romeu Moura, 12 February 2021
Deep dive into the four core values of Agile 20 years after the Manifesto

“Software development culture as a literal cult” - @arclight, 25 February 2021
Twitter thread arguing there’s a really destructive coercive atmosphere around tools, practices, and methodologies today that didn’t exist 25years ago

How Much Lean is in Today‚Äôs “Agile”? - Michael Mahlberg, Johanna Rothman, March 2021
Five part series exploring the observation that although agile approaches owe their history to lean principles, the authors see very little lean thinking in many supposedly agile endeavours

Advocating against Agile methods - Geepaw Hill, 19 April 2021
Geepaw Hill shares five reasons why he advocates against adopting any of the current “Agile” methods.

Agile at 20: The Failed Rebellion - Al Tenhundfeld, 23 July 2021
20 years after the Manifesto Al Tenhundfeld reflects on how Agile won (nobody wants to be called non-Agile), yet Agile as practiced also falls woefully short of the revolutionary ideas of its founders.

There Are No More Early Adopters of Agile - Esther Derby and Matthew Carlson, 29 September 2021, 22 November 2021
In this podcast and webinar Esther Derby and Matthew Carlson discuss adoption of Agile 20 years after the Manifesto. While the early adopters were motivated by efficiency and effectiveness, the current (i.e. late) adopters are motivated by legitimacy. And this affects what will be a succesful road to adoption and what won’t.